On my 10th Week

My apologies for not blogging more often, but I was just in the pits in the last weeks - feeling tired and sluggish, not understanding what I'm really feeling, things like that. And up until now, I still don't understand myself most of the time. But here are some observations I've made during this whole "trip"...

  1. Most of the time I just want to stay in bed, or wake up late. BUT....I also don't push it because when I do so, I feel more tired and nauseated.
  2. First few times I noticed that I'm nauseated is just about a few minutes after waking up and standing. It was really a hard time. I couldn't read the bible so well without feeling really vomit-ty.
  3. First 2 or 3 weeks of my morning sickness episodes, I always always to keep everything in. Yeah, yucky. But I was thinking I didn't want to just lose all the things I managed to eat and drink during the first half of the day. Oh how I was very wrong.
  4. The more I kept everything in, the sicker I felt. The vomit-ty feeling stayed with me throughout the day! Sometimes even at night, so technically I can't call it morning sickness anymore. It was a whole day event. And my husband and myself termed it as "the baby is playing with bubbles".
  5. The more baby played with the bubbles, the more I felt the urge to finally let it go. And voila, one morning I just went straight to the bathroom and felt my stomach go inside out. Tom went up to the room so he won't hear anything. ;)
  6. After that, I almost always set appointments with our lobby toilet once in the morning and once in the afternoon for one straight week. Today, luckily, no episodes yet. Yipee!

  1. After answering curious people that I still haven't found any odor or smell annoying yet (except for those I already do, I have a very sensitive sense of smell even before I got pregnant), it all started. I couldn't stand the smell of our shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, facial wash, etc. All of which were organic and smelled of fruits. I just can't stand it so we had to buy new ones. 
  2. I absolutely hate the smell of raw meat and fish. I can't even stay near the meat section of the grocery store long enough to pick meat. My stomach just does somersaults.
  3. I now hate the smell of my own deodorant. lol!
  4. If you're Pinoy, your familiar with Mang Inasal. I can't even pass by their resto without feeling crazy. Same thing with the smells from all roasted chicken stands and outlets. Grrr!
  5. Our office smells weird. And I can't help but notice that I feel cramped and gasping for air everytime I'm there.
  6. I also cannot be near dried fish that's not yet cooked. Especially when it's still on the frying pan.
  7. There's also something about tomato sauce and garlic together. There are some types of spaghetti recipes that I can't devour now because of a distinct smell.
  8. Same goes with some viands with sauces and still, that smell I can't describe.
  9. Milk. Something that my husband is scolding me for. I can't help it! The smell and the memory of the taste of milk just makes me weak and vomit-ty. Same goes with some fruits like mango, ripe mango, I think.

  1. Something that calms down my tummy is the combination of soy sauce, vinegar and chili. Yummy.
  2. Kamias with salt.
  3. Singkamas with vinegar and salt.
  4. Steamed rice. The ones you find in Dimsum restos/stores, it's a rice in a bowl swimming in some kind of sauce that has pork and peas.
  5. Beef chowfan (of course, from Chowking) with siomai or lumpiang shanghai and vegetable soup (which Tom also loves).
  6. Meat, for it to be appealing to me, should already be cooked when I see it. Also I shouldn't see or smell it while its cooking. :)
  7. Fries and vanilla ice cream. Plain vanilla ice cream.
  8. Smell of coke. Just because I can't drink it. Hohum.
  9. kwek kwek. Or hard boiled quail eggs, peeled, and coated with orange-y flour and then deep fried. With it's sauce of course, vinegar cooked with onions and other spices.
  10. Iced tea. Any kind of iced tea.
  11. Chocolate or chocolate milk drinks. Also soya milk I like.
  12. Meat roll with ketchup. Meat roll here is like baked siopao.
  13. and of course... Chocolate!

So far, that's it. At least for now...  ;)

And oh, before I forget. The baby is fine. His, or her, heartbeat is now normal. So far there are no immediate concerns based on the last ultrasound. So far, we're both generally doing well... Thanks everyone for the prayers!  :)


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