The Roaming Office: What the...?!

We were having breakfast and so I decided to spark some morning chitchat.

Me: What time did you sleep last night?
A: Early... {we have a new time scale?! I thought we were still on the o'clocks?!}

Me: Ok, so what was on TV right before you slept?
A: I was watching GMA. {ok... that was a nice movie. Darn.}

What the heck was wrong with you? Anyway, I know I got my point across already. Or else what was my huge voice for? Ayt?

I do believe I'm a monster at times, but heck, I need to be if I need to stick some sense into your brains every once and a while. It's really not hard to maintain a bad rep, but I'm getting tired of it. I most certainly want to change my image, but guys and gals like you make it so darn difficult. {**Scream!!!**}

BTW, it's Saturday, we're in our casuals, but still out here working. Going back the paths we once trod because several things were left out.

I wonder.... how can I pass on my wisdom to the next generation without having brain surgery? If you have any suggestions, please leave your comments down there. {**Hohum.... sigh!***}

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