Somewhere in RoxasBlvd.

I and my team are Somewhere in Roxas Blvd and we are currently busy eating out the confidence and photocopier toner of this place. Kidding. Of course we're auditing.

I be going back to Cebu in about a week, but the 2 will be staying here up 'til the third week of February. I thought I'm already far from the pressures of policy-making only to be called a few times and told a fairly discturbing story which leads to the need for another policy. Not to mention the one relayed through instant messaging. Hmm.

Anyway, I'm a few slices of meat over my normal feeding capacity. Good thing this place has stairs. We just use the stairs to go to the 7th floor. How's that for footwork?

Back to the policy-making. Have to cut this post short and go on with the policy thing. And oh, did I forget to mention I nearly forgot that I need to change the form of the rating thing? Oh, ok. Yeah, nearly forgot. That's it then.

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