Requirement: A License to Post Online

Alas! After almost two months of hiatus.

Funny because the trigger point which took me back to blogging again is the impending threat on the rights of the bloggers and all the people who post things and information in the internet, because apparently, it includes those whatnots posted in Friendster. And I don't believe everybody would like having to get a license just to say your from this and that college, and that you went to Tagaytay for a picnic!

Hmmm, an idea just popped into my now aching head. Isn't this brought about that blogging incident by the two guys who allegedly beat each other on a golf course? Because if I remember it correctly, the daughter of one of the parties knew how to blog and so made a tirade of posts about the incident. Hmmm.... So fishy eh? NTC is favoring some side, huh?

Anyway, everybody's a-fuss right now. There's a new guy in town. But... nevermind. I won't expound on that.

On other matters - no request for new people is coming out of Finance. We're trying our very best to maximize our human resources and other nitwits want to add people. There are plenty of airheads to go around! Most of them just roam around texting and chatting and just loitering about eating the items in the kitchen and picking out tidbits in the display shelves, robbing the company of precious time, physical assets, and money (for their salaries!) and they want to add more? Darn. Haven't they the nerve!

And the good news is we're leaving. Not the company, you....! We're going on a trip to go and evaluate the other branches/properties. We're excited. We wanna kick butt!

BTW, the link to the proposal on the licensing of online posting can be found here and here and here.

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  1. wahah! ThiS suCks!....LicenSe to Post ONline....

    PagTSur NTC oi

  2. @ c'eSt la vie:

    yeah, actually, that kinda sucks a bit.. but it was postponed, NTC said they need to review the thing again... :)


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