Johnson's Baby Shower Contest

Yep, I joined this contest as I mentioned in one of my previous post. And it was just last night that they tagged me with their wall post, which is found here.

If you can remember, but I'll just repeat it anyway, I mentioned that to show support to the contestants, a LOT of LIKEs is needed. And you all now see where exactly I'm going here. Would you please LIKE their page, and LIKE that wall post?!

For convenience, I'm posting the links here so you all wouldn't have a lot of difficulty looking for the links or the buttons:

This contest runs until January 2011. Just in time since Phoenix is due in February. lol! *I sound so confident!*

Anyway, thanks everyone! Share this to all your friends too. Don't worry, liking Johnson's page won't spam your wall with lots of posts, they're actually a quiet bunch in FB.

Pwetty please with sugar on top?! Thanks!

ps: Aside from liking, kindly say a little prayer too. It sure helps..  ;)


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