I Want to Migrate!!!

Websites, that is.

I dunno, I've just been wanting to revamp my blog again for how many days now. Re-classify posts, remodel my layout, everything. I've also been dreaming of my own domain.

Hmm, I've been surfing around for information about free hosting, paid hosting, etc. Good thing I found this web hosting site that actually has a lot of information to offer - WebhostingFan.

Their site boasts of a long FAQ page full of the common questions any newbie would want to have answered. It also has a Reviews page, which highlights other web hosting sites and the reviews about each. WebhostingFan also shares web hosting news and updates and it's also connected to social networking sites, hence the simplicity of sharing information all over the webworld.

Maybe I should really sit on the idea on whether to get my own domain now.  :)


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