3 Years Ago...

I wrote a poem. And I kept it hidden for more than 3 years. Anyway, just bear with me.

Seeking the one thing I cannot find
Leaves me wondering and wishing for the light
Staring at the stars and the moon shining
I wander back to the past that has left me broken

Staring at nothing, talking to my shadow
Looking beyond the world around me I see
There's a hand guiding me, touching my hand
Saying, it's not yet time my child, it's not yet time.

Don't push too hard, don't force it upon you
Open your heart and feel the pain
The pain of losing will make you strong
Stronger and wiser beyond your years.

It's not yet time my child, it's not yet time
The person you're longing for may not even be right
But this thing I know since the day you were born
All these were bound to happen because I planned it all.

My plans for you I cannot reveal
The journey to the end you might not take in
The cries, the pain, the tears you may not want today
But be assured I'll soon wipe them away.

The path I made for you I did not make smooth
You need the pebbles my love, to make you strong
The rocks are there for you to learn
That there are times you shouldn't move them to clear your way.

The way is not easy, it has always been that way
I made it that way so you can see
That the life I prepared for you is not a luxury for free.

Be strong my child, don't worry too much
The pain you feel right now will soon pass
The road you go through us not all that
It will soon smooth out, I promise you that.

Don't fret my child, I feel your pain
I hear the cries, I see the tears
Don't be afraid to admit you failed
Because one day this failure will be your strength
One day you'll see your life and look back
You'll see the path that you once trod
You'll realize how rugged and how crooked it was then
And say to yourself that all was worth it Father, thanks again
At that time you'll be better and then you'll know
Success is sweeter when you know you fell
And that there were these days that you hated how it went.

Lol. Emo.


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