Another OWT to Test - Chinese Birth Calendar

The Chinese Birth Calendar is said to be also so accurate that it can predict the gender correctly almost 99% at a time - according to the Chinese. So how to do it:

  • Determine the month of your conception. If you're like me who's not so sure, then use a conception calculator. The internet is full of these kinda things, y'know. You just have to know how to search for them. So I found one, and took screen shots of the different results, 'coz as you can remember, some inconsistencies with the due dates have come up because of that spotting episode early on this pregnancy. So here are the screenshots (I based my calculation on the expected due dates):

first due date given by first OB was Feb 12.

next was given by Doc Cyd, Feb 19.

So I averaged the 2 and got Feb 15.

So by these, we can now safely say that conception occurred more or less in the month of May.

  • Next, determine the age of the mother by the time she gives birth, so for me, that'll be 26.
  • The ages are enumerated in the vertical axis left-most column, and the month of conception in the horizontal axis top most row. Where 26 and May intersects is the predicted gender of the baby, which is, in my case. Male.

Still, to be absolutely sure, we'll still wait for the ultrasound results... :)


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