Trying Out an Old Wife's Tale - Baby's Gender

Saw in an article online about this one old wife's tale on predicting the gender of an unborn child, and found this particular one not so hard to do and not so absurd too.

This OWT (old wife's tale) said that if you suspend the mother's wedding ring on a chain or a strand of her hair or the husband's hair above her belly and watch for the direction of the swinging of the pendulum, you can predict the gender of the baby. Per OWT, if the medallion moves in a circular motion, it will be a girl. If it moves back and forth in a line, it will be a boy. It also says that this method is quite accurate. Hmm, let's see.

Does this mean we're having a boy?

We'll have to wait until after the weekend to know for sure.


ps: I suspended my wedding ring on a strand of my hair. The video was taken inside my office.

And I have a cool trivia. While loading the video, pause it for while, there's gonna be the blinking circles in the middle of the video screen. Press your keyboard's arrow keys, and voila! You can play Snakes while waiting for it load.  :)


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