Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You May Have NOT Noticed it Yet...

But isn't there something with Quinn Fabray of Glee? Doesn't she look a little familiar or something, you can quite point a finger on it exactly?

Tom and I have been watching Glee now, so far we haven't missed an episode yet from season 2, and hopefully we don't. We've been a little fascinated with Quinn's face and we both think she's pretty, in a sweet yet snotty/cheerleader-ish sort of way. And it just occurred to me early this morning...

Isn't it because sometimes she seems to have something similar with Jessica Alba's face? Not entire like two peas in a pod, but there are certain angles or maybe facial features that's similar with Jessica's. Anyway, for effort, here's a picture of both of them.

Well, that's just my opinion.
What do you think?

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