How will our Baby Look Like?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not yet pregnant, at least that's what I know.  :)

I was lurking in facebook when I saw someone else try to predict her friend's baby's future face. And.... As curious as anyone can be, I tried it out. Entered this address on my browser,, registered and just followed instructions.

And according to morphthing, here's how our offspring may look like:

And he/she has blue eyes.


Ate Jovie's is officially, pregnant! yay!  Congratulations Ate Jovie, and EJ, you're really gonna be called Ate EJ already!  :)  Because last Christmas Ej was actually "forcing" me that I she wants to change her name into Christine Elealeh Joy, and that her nickname should be ATE Christine. lol! At least the "Ate" part came true...  ;)


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