I'm sick, don't bug me!

I'm not feeling well. Don't mess with me.

This was the warning I issued to all my facebook and twitter friends early today because, as what it says, I'm not feeling well. Runny nose is not such a good thing, especially if you need to look down all the time to look at your laptop screen. Darn it.

Even the base of my nostril is a bit sensitive to the touch already. I've been sneezing and wiping for just about the whole morning already. Gulped up more than 600ml of fruit juice already, a cup of green tea, and huge mugs of water. Been to the restroom for just about 6 times since I came into the office, and at the rate I'm consuming liquids right now, I just might double that number before the day ends.

Aside from colds, I actually have a lot of things going on in the office. And I'm getting a bit fidgety. Grrr.. This was also why I got stuck with no recent updates in the last few days. I was actually busy.

harhar. *sniff*

Got to go. *sneeze*

I was just wandering, doesn't Bilivery have any Valentine's promo or something?


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