Smallest Place I Called Home

When I was starting out my work here in my current company (wouldn't want to mention it, so sue!), I rented out a room in Labangon (Cebu City). The rate was really small and I was to occupy the whole room by myself. It wasn't at all "bongga" or anything. In fact it was... cramped. Really cramped. I felt like a sardine pushed into a can with 3 others, plus the sauce.

It was about 2m x 3m, I think, I never really wandered how "big" it was. But what I remember was that it fit a double-decker single bed that was just wide enough that your body will fit just ok when you lay supine, plus a small wriggling space. There was also a small cabinet, a small table where I put my TV on - I had to get one so I'd stay sane after work. And a little walking space for one person to be able to move around, change clothes, hang her feet or something, use a stool as a dining table, etc. It was really THAT small.

Aside from the room being small, the landlord was small too. He was an old man, but not grumpy. He was, at his best, sociable. He often asks where my family's at, where I work, how much do I earn, things like that. And he absorbs it like a dry sponge. Later on, he charges me big bucks for that darn TV. Crazy old man.

But it wasn't at all that bad. For as long as I could sleep on a bed, change clothes without being seen by other people, watch tv without the whole town watching with me, and just enjoy solitude after a day's work, I was ok with it. It was really tiny, but it was home for me for about 2 years, I think. And by the way, here are some crappy pictures I took while I was there. You couldn't decipher the size of the room from the pictures, these were just for boredom's sake.

 the angel 
 solar hand 
 the bag 
 solar hand


  1. Hello Mentor. Was surprised you're with a new company coz i am too. I resigned December 09 and is starting with a new one.

    I just came home from a 2 weeks training. Anyways, Good to know you're in Cebu. Maybe we can meet soon?

    How's Blogging

    Blogging is addicting. I just started another one. This time its a collection of YOUTUBE videos with interests on Unsolved Mysteries, Myths and Facts. You can check it out.

  2. Hello there Red Apple, no I'm not in a new company...

    Anyway, good to know that you're starting anew, hope you finally find your happiness in this company you're in right now. And btw, blogging is fine, but unlike you, I don't want to start another blog, what I'm trying to stick to right now is to post more in this blog, more often, and with more content.

    Then again, I'll visit this new one of yours maybe right after I post this, and follow that one too... :)

    Have a nice day! :)

  3. Hi Cathy, I think I used to have small rooms like that back in the States where I used to live. I like a blog with personal entries like this. Glad to hear you will be posting more entries, I will check them out.

  4. Thanks for dropping by David and thank you for at least liking my post... :)

    I hope you subscribed to my blog or at least followed it via google connect.

    Have a nice day!


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