Does Globe Customer Service Suck?

Even the bigger companies like Globe and its customer service, including their billing and charge monitoring systems have slowly dwindled over the years into something just plain annoying.

Pia Magalona, on her tweet today - which was the first to catch my attention, dubbed this as the KML Syndrome - "Kung Makakalusot, Lulusot!" {If they can get away with it with their excuses, they will! - sounds a bit like Murphy's Law huh?}

Anyway, the tweets looked like these, yes tweets.. They were more than one!

I said pa-investigate muna. Den girl comes back n says SORI dpt pala wala GPRS chrg bilang SuperSurf! Wapak! It's d KML syndrome.

@talk2GLOBE SEE!!! Andaming paddings ng bill ni Elmo! Worth almost 3K ang dagdag! I had all my other accts chekd again!

KML stands for Kung Makakalusot Lulusot! I said AND I'm not switching networks. I'm protecting my rights. Do ur job @talk2GLOBE!

@talk2GLOBE Kasi nga u hire all these useless ppl n we're left to solve our problems. Unlimited? Too good to be true!


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