Farmville, Cafe World, Audit, Head and Tooth

New updates on Farmville and Cafe World are up and you may have noticed that already - you can now expand chicken coops (I lost one of my two coops because of this. grr!) and get bonuses for helping out friends and neighbors. I also noticed Farm Hands, these "spirits" that help you harvest from all your animals in just a split second. Cool. But i think you can't buy them, you just have to wait for a friend or neighbor to publish that he/she is sharing his/her farm hands. Such a big help they are, especially that a lot of my chickens are all over the place!

The spice rack update in Cafe World has also started. It feels a lot like the upgrade/building of the horse stable in farmville, you have to ask your friends and neighbors to donate the necessary materials to build your own spice rack. I just haven't grasped exactly what that rack is for.

Moving on. Remember that post I had about Uncle Fester being in my office? Well, he was back here the day before yesterday because he said he needed the help of the auditors. Great. Just when we're about to drop another bomb he wouldn't want to catch.

He said he already told Yuan is Nothing (yes, it's another alias, sue me... I just hope I remember all these codes I use.. lol!) about it and that he was to proceed to out office to discuss it with us. And so the problem was actually something I've already heard of before, I just didn't stick my nose into it. Apparently, it's still something we need to stress out for, but it's gonna be worth it, I can be assured of that. It just so happens that the timing and the motive for Uncle Fester's sudden concern is a bit... questionable.  ;)

But. Rest assured, that we will handle that issue with utmost care and enthusiasm. And as for you our dear Uncle Fester, see you later.

Those things aside, I had a headache before starting this post, and it's fading just about now. Not because I'm blogging, but because I took something for it already.

Hmm, the tooth is because I'm going to visit the company dentist a few hours from now because I managed to nick off the dental fillings on one of my molars, and the incident left a gaping hole on this darn tooth, which now is uber sensitive and sometimes causes my headaches. Grrrr.... Thank God for dental benefits!

And before I forget, I'm starting to get vibes that Zebra Girl (yep, code again!) has tipped off one of our audit concerns because I cannot contact the one and only phone number this guy supposedly owns. Hmmm. Guilty, eh?

It's now lunch time here, my people are now scratching their heads due to hunger issues. And I think they don't want to go ahead and eat without me. I don't look like fried chicken, do I?



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