Vote Isla in Benetton 2010 Global Casting

 Have you heard?!

Benetton has launched an online global casting for their 2010 campaign and as one of those internet lurkers who like to look at nice pictures, pretty faces, and nice bodies, and let's not mention your - and my - instinct to be a bit patriotic when seeing ads abroad with familiar faces like that of the Nike ad with Pacquiao, or that magazine ad for the Pinoy fights in Las Vegas (that one with Donaire, remember?).  We would most certainly and most definitely like to see another Pinoy/Pinay in one of those international brand campaigns. So what can we do...?

For one, I know someone, a Filipina, non-stereotypical (read: look at her hair and cool tats! *wink wink*), super fit and healthy - she does yoga, absolutely pretty in print media, and I think she can kick your as-s if she wanted to. Guess my next statement would be, go to the site and vote for her! lol! Here is the link to Isla's profile,or copy and paste this to your web browser:

I think you can even vote as many times over as you'd like, and please spread the word to your friends.Just keep in mind that voting ends March 16th and the winners are announced March 18th.

Do I need to beg?


Before I forget, you need to log in, BUT!!! You can use your facebook account! They have a facebook connect thing going on, so no hassle..ayt?


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