Colds, Cough, Torture.

Couldn't be any better. *rolls eyes*

This is the second time - in the same month - that I'm sick with cough and colds. At the first incident, I was amused because I totally lost my voice - at first it cracked up, then the tone changed, then it was gone! - which I wanted to happen for about several years now. And so it didn't really bother me that much since it answered one of my long-time wishes. I also had runny nose but only on the second day of its onset.

But now, I'm not enjoying it anymore! I'm coughing like our neighbor's dog, which never, ever stops barking. Once it starts barking, it sounds like it doesn't even stop to breathe! I was even thinking our neighbor is just playing a very rude joke by turning on a recording or a battery-operated huge barking dog toy. Or something. I just cough and cough at short intervals so that now my throat hurts. Because it hurts, my voice doesn't sound like its mine. To add the cherry on my mud cake, it's not just runny nose I have, but the genuine colds. That one which makes your sinuses hurt in addition to the clogged nostrils, if not, runny nose.

And let's not forget that my office is quite the North Pole. The airconditioning is just too much to bare. I just hope this thing doesn't develop into flu or something now that my eyes feel a little hot inside.



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