Irritatingly Busy

My schedule is packed and for the first time, I found it useful to input my tasks in the task application of my phone. Good enough since the phone I'm using now is a Blackberry 7130g.

It's an "OK" phone but I find it irritating that I cannot successfully load a new application. I tried loading a bible reader, but it returned an error message saying, "Too many aps." And so, the annoyingly curious "experimentalist" that I am, I bored thru the internet for a possible solution and found a forum that said I should delete most of the language packs that I won't use to free up some space. But heck, it still didn't work, and since I was already wasting too much time trying to figure it all out, I decided to just drop it.

So now, my phone still works, but I still don't have that darn reader. Hmm. Help?


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