Where Do We Go from Here?!

I'm not singing the song, mind you. I'm just using the line because it seems appropriate given the circumstances our workplace is facing right now.

The Plot:
The pathway from the main road going inside the vicinity of the building is not owned by the company. We pay the owner of the lot for our right of way.
Inexplicably, something went wrong - either the owner wants to get his lot for his own use, or he's demanding more from our company. Either way, he decides to re-claim the right of passage - the main path that the employees and majority of the customers use to get inside our building.

What the Owner did, and is continuing to do:
1) He put "banderitas" (small flags hanging on a string suspended above ground, along with the electricity lines...) along the border of his lot.
2) About two days after he placed those unsightly colored flags, he parked two vehicles on both sides of the road to prevent cars and other vehicles from entering the company premises, made and placed signages also to inform people passing by that it was his lot and he's claiming it.

What WE are Doing:
1) Reported the incidents to the nearest police station.
2) Contacted the owner if he could pull down the flaglets.
3) Since he decided not to take down his banderitas, we called our legal counsel.
4) Called a tow truck to pull the vehicles out of the way.
5) Stationed our uniformed guards to watch over our property in case he goes berserk and decides to do something outrageous, unwise, or something he'll regret afterward.

I am really enjoying the episodes of this "My lot, Your Lot" series.
But I also hope, they'd all arrive into an amicable settlement or something. Otherwise, where o we go from here? Where does he suggest we pass? Obviously, we can't fly our ways into the building from the main road.



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