Meeting, a Skirt and a Slide

I was checking out on my friend's blog and I noticed the pictures she posted. The darn girl is wearing skirts. Skirts! For crying out loud - skirts!

I was a bit surprised to have noticed that majority of her pictures were that of her wearing a skirt. So I asked her why on earth is she starting a new habit for herself, and she blogs back and says, "Haven't you seen me wearing skirts in school?"

What the...? Of course I saw her wearing skirts in school. But of course I wouldn't be as excited to know the reason if I was pertaining to her wearing skirts in school right? [Finish this post by clicking on "Read more of this story here..."]

Anyway, let's suffer that thread of the conversation to go and disappear into thin air. We have just finished eating a bit of something just to fill-in our stomachs right after a two-hour meeting with the Financial Controller regarding issues unraveled during the audit on one of her sections. {By the way, I might post something about this on my other blog, so watch out for that...} It was a good thing that Ms C was so charming and cooperative, and don't make me forget to mention that she really did sound so learned about the ins & outs of her department. I was wondering the whole time - when the heck can I be like that anyway?!

Hmmm, so let's just say I'm going to busy myself again for a while revising our report so that we can already send it for release to management. And after which, I shall be preparing myself for our presentation in a big month-end, sort of, meeting with the Higher Ups. Lucky me. Or something.

By the way, can anyone tell me if I can use a blackberry 7130g to control my slide presentation? Pretty please?


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