Welcome, Hello, Good-bye.


Our new colleague started his new "life" with us yesterday. He seemed silent, but on his second day, he's started showing signs of normal-ness. Great.


Since our new guy doesn't have his own company-issued computer, we decided (I mean myself and the Fixed Assets Officer) decided to issue the laptop that was turned over by Jane. Although he has a laptop of his own, I discouraged him from bringing it. I said, "Let them think that you don't have anything to use so they can give you the company computer. At least you don't have to worry about the wear and tear on your personal belongings."

The cycle and concept of "seniority" will be in use again since Jane's pc will go to RB, his will go to Matet, and Matet's will go to Roland. I don't want to trade mine for another hand-me-down. So nevermind.


Dottie has decided she doesn't want to continue spending her braincells with our company so she decided to tender her resignation today and inform the Finance Director (her direct supervisor) that she wants to leave already and plans to go to Singapore. The thing is, Ms Finance Dir didn't take the news quite well - not because suddenly, almost every one bombarded her with resignations, but because she's on an emergency leave, and doesn't want to be disturbed. [Ok, so I made that up, sue me.]

Anyway, greener pastures are for the cows who take the risk of crossing the road and going over the fence. Congratulations to Dottie for having the guts to resign and leave this place for a far better one, I know we'll be seeing each other for about a month still, but then again, farewell. Don't worry, I was "assigned" to help you look for your replacement. I won't leave you hanging. Ngyehe.



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