Before I Cut my Nails

I wanted to cut my toenails as soon as possible because I'm feeling some of the edges are burrowing themselves in my flesh.

Anyway... I just had a striking realization after looking at some baby bathing videos and listening to Johnson's Baby channel in youtube.

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I don't want my child to grow up na hindi marunong mahiya. I want him/her to have just enough hiya or self-respect or self control that he/she just wouldn't barge in and ruin some other kid's photo because he/she just loves to have his/her picture taken. I don't want my child to be like that. Madadala nya kasi pag laki nya. And these kind of people, if not guided properly are those overly self confident to a point na atribida na or antipatiko. Mga tipong signal number 3, di pa nagsasalita. Gusto ko syang mag pose kung sya ang pipicturan, hindi yung wala nang magawa yung kukuha ng picture kasi hinawi nya na yung birthday celebrator para sya ang nasa gitna. O kaya eh solo pic dapat, pero andun yung mukha nya sa gilid, pinilit masama sa frame. Alam mo yun?

Of course I want my kid to have self-esteem. Much like his/her dad who can talk anyone into believing that a giraffe turns into a zebra on a full moon. But I really want my child to know his/her boundaries. Please Lord help me to raise this child properly. As early as now I do pray that we can raise our child to be the best he/she can be. I want him/her to be smart, but not annoying. Bibo, but not palapad-papel. Chatty, but not bratty. Independent, knows what he/she wants, but not a spoiled brat.

Oh please Lord, help us. And also please make all the people around us, I mean ALL, cooperate too.


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