Getting a Job: the Disadvantages

There are always two sides of a coin, two polar opposites. Previously I have posted some of the advantages of being employed as compared to being the owner of your very own business or company. Now, I am presenting to you some of its disadvantages.

We work for our Money. We work our backs to death just to go from paycheck to paycheck because we depend on our incomes for our daily living expenses, our credit card bills, insurance, taxes, and many others!
We work for a company that is not ours. Obviously, we just work for them while they own them.

Time consuming. Working for somebody else is time consuming in a way because most of us find it hard to juggle more than two jobs at the same time as compared to the owners who just hire people to work for them and be burdened with the details of running the company. The information received by the owners have already passed thru several channels, filtered, solved or otherwise, still several other people are doing the hard toil.

We receive less than our boss! Admittedly we receive less than our bosses even if they do not receive any kind of salary or remuneration from their companies because of one general reason – taxes. We receive an amount called after-tax income, meaning – income tax/withholding tax has already been deducted from our pay, whereas our bosses receive their share of the earnings of the company, what we call dividends, without having to deal with taxes related to income because it was already applied to the company as corporate income tax.

Lesser chances of expanding or improving our career. By being employees, we have very little chances of expanding our business realm, being promoted alone seems to be a very hard goal to reach.

After presenting the pros and cons of being employed, the next topic will be some tips on how to search for jobs, based from my very own personal experience.


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