It's a Nice Day Today

Hello to every one who gets lost wandering around blogger and gets to view my blog! Haha! I hope you do enjoy reading some of my entries here. I got the hang of blogging just recently and I've used this to air out some pent up emotions and thoughts and one reason is because I can somehow manage to be a little anonymous by blogging...

Well, let me update you on some things. So far, I've been a little busy updating myself on some friends that I haven't seen and been with in ages. Some have interesting stories of their own also, and it's a little amusing how I thought I was in a very bad situation. Goodness me! I still felt God had shielded me from nuances because I'm still whole, alive and kicking!

Aside from a daily update with my friends, well, I try to be busy at work. But somehow I'm now getting a little bored. I don't understand myself either, so I just write it down... Hehe!

I love how it feels to be important again and be told how they value my worth

To the surprise of some of my closest friends, I'm ok right now and really happy with my situation (not completely happy as of now, but I'm happy nonetheless). They say I'm weird (they even say that with a strange facial expression!) because some people in my shoes right now would still wallow in loneliness and act desperate, cry and cry until they have no more tears to shed, stare at nowhere everytime, destroy things, be resentful of people and along the way destroy themselves all for the wrong reasons and purposes. I've thought about that, mind you, and this is why I'm ok right now. I realized that I need not destroy myself, my things, my future nor my other relationships over some petty thing. I consider it petty because I still managed to be alive right now, I realized things that I may never even have thought of if all this never happened and I'm enjoying the company of friends that I somehow tried avoiding in the past few years. Right now I have several sets of friends, all connected with me in different ways, and boy am I thankful! They all kinda check on me almost everyday, some even more than once a day, and I love how it feels to be important again and be told how they value my worth as a person and as a friend. Hmmm... I'm going to be 100% ok sooner and NOT later. :)

Think I need to get back to work now, because it's already almost 11 in the morning and I haven't actually done something productive... Haha! Till next post!


  1. Thanks for the add on mybloglog. Visit my site too. It's good to meet a fellow Filipina on the blogosphere.

    Yes, 11am. Better get busy!


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