Good Morning... *Sniff*

I'm in the office right now, had my breakfast, the usual soymilk & meat roll.

But while I was checking on my friendster account, I just started sneezing. And when I start to sneeze, it usually takes about 4-5 sneezes before it actually stops! And now my nose is a little runny, and I'm sniffing away... :(

Anyway... I woke up a tad bit early, but I didn't actually pull my self from bed until it was already 7.30... hehe, the effect? Still the same... early rise or not... hehe!

So here I am again, posting away in my blog, my one and only confidant during this times... But as much as I wanted to put every sneaky detail of my thoughts & experiences, I can't & I won't because that would actually expose some of the people involved, and I actually don't want to do that. Besides, I'm amused by how some readers react - some of them even ask me in person if the post was about them or whether or not they were the ones I was talking about... Haha, talk about paranoia people! ;)

Anyway, I love the feeling, so deal with it.... :)


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