Ok, Fine...

I have no idea what I'm thinking about right now, I just can't believe I even wasted time trying to think. Hmmm, I should have listened to my instinct and instead stopped my brain from its activities.

Ok, I don't even know if I'm actually making any sense to you all right now. I might be the only person who understands this post. But what the heck, it's my darn blog!

Anyway, again, I just wished I didn't try to think, I wish I never thought about anything because in the end, it just ruins my brain wavelength. And my brain now have this uncanny yet stupid habit of being disgruntled and uncoordinated when my wavelength is disrupted. Oh God, what the hell?!

So I try to stop thinking but I end up thinking why I'm trying to stop myself from thinking, isn't that ridiculous? All I want is peace of mind, some quiet time without thoughts or feelings, without disruptions. But the thing is, a person can only achieve that when he/she is dead! So the solution? Kill Myself... hahaha! You wish!

Nevermind. I'm gonna have lunch instead.


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