Sleepiest Person in the World

That can actually be me... hehehe!

I am so darn sleepy right now, I think I can handle sleeping for 24 hours straight! Really!

I think it's because I slept late last night, more or less it was already 1 in the morning. I think I just had a lot of things to think about. A LOT of THINGS.... {and you know why...}

Anyway, so I'm here in the office right now, it's half past 2 pm and I'm still trying to steadily push my back up so I can sit straight and at least alleviate a little of the sleepiness that's in my system right now...And I'm wishing with all my heart that the President gets a headache and declares tomorrow and saturday non-working holidays also... That'll be a blast! Hehe! I even declined a friend who wanted to go out on Sunday just to watch a movie and roam around the malls because I really want to savor the day-off and just feel like resting and moping in my room, watching tv, taking glorious naps, being with mnyself and also to stop thinking for a little while and just enjoy the holiday... Oh, how I wish I can start doing that as soon as possible! Grrrr....


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