Away from Home

I remember the time I started blogging; it was also when I was away from Cebu - the place I called home for quite some time. And now, here I am, reminiscing.rolleyes

I'm not originally from Cebu. I grew up in Bulacan (that's in Luzon), then we migrated, like birds, to Zamboanga. Funny, redface because I couldn't understand a whole sentence then without frowning. Hehe.

So I learned to speak Bisaya through my grade 6 classmates. The room was divided into half by then, half was pro their bet for the best student, and the half, was of course, rooting for me. The guys and gals that taught me I considered my barkada also at that time. They were composed of my cousins (my uncles & aunts, actually), and their friends. What they did was that they don't respond to me nor talk to me unless I talk in Bisaya. So what did the freakin' gurl do? Learned and spoke Bisaya. Left me no choice you know.

And after a while I went to Davao. Had to. I was taking the scholarship. And then college to Cebu. And this is where I spent most of my time from then on. I considered it my home for quite a while because loved ones were there too. But now....

Anyway, still have the closest of friends in Cebu. They're still there. Living their lives, glad to be disturbed when I needed company. Sometimes even thankful for the distraction. hehehe.

Thanks guys, luv ya. See ya around.


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