Cat Got Your Tongue?

Ok, so that may sound a little bitchy. But hey, I can deal with it.

Anyway, I'm still in the office, enjoying the coldness of the darn airconditioning, again. I know, I've complained about it a thousand times already, but I also still kinda like wallowing in it, because here, at least I get to use the internet.

Hmmm, here are my 5's for today...

5 Crazy Things I did today (so far!):
  1. drank coke light at breakfast.
  2. downloaded 2 ghostgirl screensavers
  3. added a theme to my firefox browser
  4. downloaded and used a theme also for my windows
  5. had just about 4 cups of coffee in the 8 hours of office time.

5 People I spend a lot of time talking with (everyday, mind you):
  1. IRISH!!!! - as in this girl is a champion when it comes to talking!!!
  2. marilac
  3. mamemie
  4. teresa
  5. cristine (I consider emailing a form of talk! so sue me...)

5 Things I do early in the morning (in the office):
  1. turn on my computer
  2. have coffee
  3. check my emails
  4. check my blogs
  5. have coffee :)

5 Things I look at the workplace:
  1. the computer
  2. other people
  3. my files
  4. other people
  5. other files

5 Things I hate about my work:
  1. the airconditioning - like these guys don't mind if we all freeze to death!!!
  2. the pay - ok, so sometimes the pay is good, you'd understand if you try working here, but most of the times, and looking at the pay history, salary here is more like a burden to give than a benefit
  3. other people - do i still need to explain?
  4. work options - you actually don't have any
  5. number of bosses - you actually don't have just one boss in this company, the list can go up to 3 or 5 bosses... duh.


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