From Email to You

It's been a while, huh?

I'm actually trying this feature of blogger where you can post thru email since last week, a friend from within the offices told me that it was brought up in the department heads meeting that the IT manager said that it was because of employees accessing the internet network that's why when the big boss is the one using it, the connection is slow. And it's exactly because of this that the said IT manager is now monitoring all users of the network including the sites visited, the amount of time that they spent on the net, and the time when they started using the internet. So, since I definitely use up a lot of time blogging, I thought maybe, just to NOT annoy people, I won't access the net for a while.

And well, I personally think that the IT's idea of why the connection is slow is just as slow as his thinking process. I think there are other reasons why the connection is slow, and I definitely do not think that it's because of the employees' use. Come to think of it, very few employees have internet access. And included in those few peple are all the IT personnel who use Yahoo messenger quite a lot (and now they put the blame on others! Grrrhhh!)

I also believe that these darn IT people have undisclosed and unrestricted access to all company emails. For one thing, they are the administrators and I definitely believ that they've set the company emails to give them a bcc all the time, imagine the flooding! I can only imagine the infinite amount of information, whether official or not, that IT people can have access to. Aside from that, it's a known fact that it's quite human nature to be a gossip. Hmmm. Amazing.

{If so, they'd be having a blast reading this and also, trying to figure out where this post is headed. Hehehe!}

Anyway, my tummy's grumbling already, I'm so darn hungry.

And oh, you want updates on what's new with my non-existent love life? I'd have to think about it first. Don't want you to blow your brains out just thinking about the annoying facts of the said "non-existent" love life. Hohum... It's quite terrible you know, you'd learn to hate me if you just knew everything. :)

So, until next post? I hope this works.



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