Of Coffee, Coke & Caffeine

I'm currently having my second mug of coffee for the day - had one early this morning during breakfast. With my coffee WAS a pack of M&M's - I finished it ahead of the coffee. Hehehe, nothing can beat chocolates.

It's almost down to a few gulps now, I can freely gulp it down because our freaking airconditioning units are blasting away all the heat from inside the offices, and my coffee! grrrh. Sometimes, I hate airconditioning. Hohum.

Anyway, I was forced to have my intake of caffeine because - I'm getting a little groggy from being sleepy. I can't wake myself up with some interesting online game because an annoying officemate has taken it to herself to watch what everybody else is doing, and it's darn annoying. My other officemate, on the other hand, is kinda strange in himself - given that it can be rebuttable that he is in fact a HE. Hmmm. Almost everybody in the Finance Department has decided to doubt that self-proclaimed fact that he is a guy. Well, he can be a guy biologically, it's his choice to make it real. :) We all just keep our eyes peeled watching out for telltale signs that he might be gay. Sshhh.

Oh, and we've found a way to be able to chat with each other through our LAN. Had to find out how because we simply can't do backbiting while the person we're talking about is just a few inches away from me. I can do that, but some of them can't, and the crazy thing is, very few of us has internet access. hehehe. Frustrated IT person - could be me.

So, let me finish off my now tap-cold coffee, while staring at a can of coke, and wishing it's already time to go.



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