Corporate Crap!

This is just so full of crap. Remember the office guy who stinks? Well, at least now he stopped using the darn "perfume" and so he doesn't stink anymore.

What currently annoys me is that people from Human Resources (or Peers' Resources, if you allow me...that'll give you the idea of the company I'm talking about) just loves watching over us - the internal auditors. They try to find everything and anything that can possibly go wrong with us like the color of our under/inner shirt/blouse, the type of bottoms we wear - whether they're jeans or slacks, even the kinds of tops we use everyday! Needless to say, they took notice even of the length of my colleague's hair (he's a guy, you know), and so the poor thing went out during his lunch break just to get a freakin' haircut. {read on...}

Like I, for one thing, have multiple piercings on both ears. I know they know about it, they just don't talk about it out loud anymore. Maybe they were just fed up trying to mold me into one of their great puppets. I also sometimes - well, actually most of the times - wear jeans to the office on Saturdays, even ordinary shirts and flipflops, and if anybody just go and try bugging me about it then they should be ready to defend themselves because I'm always ready to bombard them with counter attacks. I've been seeing plenty of our corporate folks not actually adhering to these dress code whatevers, and Peers' services don't even blink at their direction. So you just calm down if you want peace and quite in your offices.

Anyway, my point really is that they have been quite sturdy and vigilant in trying to make us comply with these stupid dress code crap, which, for your knowledge includes the color of your eyeshadow and lipstick (if you're girls), and the color of your hair, if you decide to have your hair colored. {Good thing my hair color's all natural. Hehehe} Even the way you do your hair has it's own code! So why the heck does this guy, the annoying guy who once stunk, have a quite crappy haircut (he's trying to look good you know, and has failed miserably) and BLOND highlights?! Highlights that I think were poorly done that he should have just had his whole head of crappy hair colored blond.

And nobody, I mean nobody, has given a rat's as* about it! Grrrhhh! This is making me so worked up... But... Nevermind... Let's just wait and see. I'm more excited to go home than sulk over fake blond hair.


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