Standards of Degrees & Diplomas Hit a Monumental Low: PISAY.

It certainly bugged me to hear, read actually, that there has been a minutely publicized case about a graduate of Pisay (FYI: that's Philippine Science High School) who allegedly was allowed to graduate (i have a self editing comment here, I'd rather keep to myself!) and get his/her diploma/certificate even though he/she had flunked a Math subject. Flunked meaning a 5.0 mark. That's a little unbelievable if you ask me because generally, a Pisay student can only flunk if and when he is really undeniably and unbelievably terrible with the subject and given all the possible opportunities to pull his/her grades up like remedial classes and exams, special assignments, etc., he/she still manages to outdo the dumbest person on earth on the level of stupidity. Or, in the simplest explanations, he/she just didn't do anything - not one assignment, not one project, not one quiz or long exam, not one periodical exam. Not a single requirement accomplished.

Having "slow" people in Pisay is actually not probable because of the tight screening processes that hopeful graduating Grade 6 students hurdle. First and foremost is the {read on} renowned two-layer screening test consisting of both abstract reasoning and non-abstract subjects like, of course, Science and Math. Because you have to pass two tests, more or less the institution already gets a really good sample of filtered brains. Alas, there may have been something wrong with this one case - maybe he/she has short/middle term memory loss, dyslexia or something else? How about that?

This incident has made quite a fuss in the Pisay community because the batch also vouched for the "diligence" of the abovementioned graduate, which was honored because apparently, the person graduated and acquired a diploma. Ironically, the diploma itself states that it certifies that the person, whose name is indicated therein, has COMPLIED WITH ALL THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE COURSE/INSTITUTION awarding the certificate. I don't think a 5.0 in Math actually qualifies as compliance to all requirements.

I'd rather not indulge myself in ranting about how unfair it feels or appears to all other alumni of all branches of Pisay, needless to say, I'm quite disappointed that the respected authorities governing the institution just let it pass. I hope there was no money involved because that will, in my opinion, simplify (not complicate) the case since it would only mean the corrupt intentions of our officials has already gone deep into the institutions that educate our youth to be the next generation of leaders.

Shame on the Director of Pisay who let this happen.
Shame on the Teachers because they did not take a strong stand against what was happening.
Shame to the batchmates because they vouched for a person I don't believe they truly know well enough.
Shame to the graduate with a 5.0 mark. Well, it's obvious what you're supposed to be ashamed of. Duh.

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