Early Morning Irritation

I know it's too early to be annoyed or irked by other people in the workplace, but can you blame me?!

I'm not a perfectionist or anything but it just, well, took me aback when someone from the Concierge blurted out something I didn't quite like to hear this early.

To give you a background, I availed of my employee benefit and checked into the hotel - well, actually, my uncle was the one to use the room. So anyway, I've already done checking-in, and was a bit annoyed already because the darn Front Office Gal almost blew my cover with the payment thing. {This part I won't share anymore. Nyehehe} I turned around and asked ...

the Concierge Supervisor if there was anyone who he can ask to help us with the luggage. One bell service guy appeared out of nowhere, thank God, but then this grumpy Concierge Supervisor who we'll name as Wendell, blurted out "Dong, tabangi sa ni sila Dong kay kutihan raba kaayo ni..." ["Dong, help these people first 'coz they're quite meticulous."]

Grrrrh! The nerve! I wanted to strangle him right then and there! Same as what I told the Director of Rooms - yep, I told... - that I wouldn't mind the snide comment if it were told or said to my face or if only other employees were present. I really wouldn't mind if other employees would overhear because almost everyone knows that the Internal Auditors, like me, are sometimes very observant and we do sometimes, although unintentionally, make a fuss of things especially when customer service goes bad. And majority of the employees can emphatize with that.

But the thing is - hence the fuss - is that there were paying guests around at that time who may have overheard the really very unnecessary comment. This is what got to my nerves. It really annoyed me that he can just blurt out things like that in front of the hotel guests and it doesn't bother him. After all the years he has been working in the hotel, he hasn't quite mastered the art of whining quietly or at least, not in front of the guests.

Crazy. But I'll be waiting for the action that his Department Head will be taking to deal with this situation.

Just an Update:
The Department Head has already talked to the Wendell guy, and as expected, he denied it and said that I might have just misheard what he said. Hmmm, is he that special for me to make up stories involving him?! He's not a famous guy, so he should stop imagining he's one.


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