Monday, May 19, 2008

Dumbness of my Intellect

Scene observed and overheard at the foyer exit going to the Pool, two sets of swinging glass doors - left and right.
Characters: 6 guys.
Main character: Guy #1

Guy #1 hurriedly approaches the two-way swinging glass door at the left side of the foyer and pushes the closed right side. He flashes a puzzled look and realizes that it's locked. He then goes to the other door to his right, pushes at both doors and sees that it's also locked. Th other guys arrive and watch him figure out his way.

Guy #1 goes back to the doors at his left and looks at it, notices the open one and sees that it's ajar. He smiles his big goofy smile, pulls at the door gently and exclaims,

the Dumbness... the Dumbness of my intellect!

The other guys pay no attention and just walk out the door.

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