Another Mildly Disturbing Personage

I'm not quite the "fan" of Nostradamus and his predictions/prophecies, but somehow I managed to have stumbled upon this site owned by a certain person claiming that he is being guided by the living soul of Nostradamus.

In his latest post, he has written this:

"Oprah finds out what happened over an hour after the accident. But it is too late to say goodbye to her dearest friend Gail King....
It is already dark out at the time of the accident....I'm assuming that this tragic accident happens this year in 2008 or early 2009. Oprah WILL have a feeling the day of the event of a car crash, but tries to put it out of her mind....."

"Oprah's retreat from the world causes great sadness for her faithful viewers and fans. ....Oprah's great gift to help and inspire others becomes lost to the world."

Hmm, no one forces anyone to believe things at first glance, so for the sake of quenching your curiosity, here is the complete post....

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