Our immediate supervisor, who we call the head of our department is resigning to go to greener pastures. She's decided she wanted to try out Singapore, earn a bit more, pile up on experience and save more to be able to balance out the potential expenses of married life - or so I think these are her reasons. But nonetheless, she's leaving and her last day with us in the company is on June 28.

I was already told I'd be officer-in-charge for a while. Not permanent though, they're trying to hunt down a more experienced CPA, one who has experience in Internal Auditing altogether. And the thing is, I'm threatened. The chances of myself replacing our now future ex-head is starting to get dim. Hmm. And I thought.... ... I wanted this position badly. Our adviser, the Finance Director, who was part of the Internal Audit team from way back, was the one who told me that I'll be OIC, and if circumstances permit - meaning, if they do not find a replacement for our future ex-head, then I'd be the one to fill in the spot. But if in case they do find one with relative experience, then I'll waiting again for another opportunity.

Good grief! Here's the chance and it's turning bleak. I'm starting to wonder what is it they see in me that they seem like they don't want to give me the darn position? Hmmm.. crazy they tell me that I usually get hand-picked by the president himself to fill-in Finance supervisory and managerial positions, but our department? How come they try to get it as far away from me as possible?!


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