Resolving the Case of the Unapproved Purchase Request

So what really happened?

The purchase request was for 3 units of UPS. Not the ordinary UPS for computers, but the bigger UPS used for something else, like several emergency lights. More like an emergency generator.

The request was submitted for approval to Mr West on the 3rd of September, but the canvassed prices were obtained from the suppliers January of this year. So many months have passed before asking for approval. And I thought these were URGENT.

Anyway, so when it was submitted for approval, it was skipped at first but a note accompanied the papers saying Purchasing should haggle for a lower price. And so, Purchasing said he tried, but to no avail.

So I went to their office to verify the stories, have free lunch, documented things, had them sign things, went back to my home office (slept along the way too!) and made the report.

The Conclusion? It’s not an anomalous transaction. It’s just that Mr Purchasing was, in my opinion, too slothful to have the prices updated before submitting it to Mr West. And now, he’s paying the price. Imagine, January to September is like, um, 8+ months! And he didn’t have a CHANCE to update the prices. Sheesh!


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