Ghost Writing for Ms Pots

So far, I've done a lot of ghost writing for Ms Pots, most of these were procedures that are now of general circulation all over the "wasservor" companies within the country, and just a few days ago, she suddenly realized that she can actually ask me to write memos for her which she can immediately send out through email. Which is just great because that gives an added load every now and then, plus, she can deny writing them every time it generates enough heat to singe her!

Just like the memo she issued to follow up the 2009 budget. When she released that particular thing, almost everybody went into an uproar honestly thinking that Ms Pots was boiling with anger. But in reality, she was laughing (I know because she went inside the office and told me all about it!).

Anyway, I just sent her another one and here's how it looks like...

Hohum. Anyway, it's just about 5:30 pm. Time to go.


  1. wow your writing about ghost... do you have any experience about ghost encounter?


  2. @iceman...
    have you even tried reading the post first before leaving a comment?


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