Opportunity to be Away

Just heard from Ms Pots this morning that Ms Sweet-tooth might be on the verge of submitting her resignation letter, and once that happens, there's gonna be hell on this part of the earth. Not because every one will miss her, but because the position will be vacant. Ms Sweet-tooth is the manager I was talking about in the "Waiting in Vain" post.

So Ms Pots, with her no-nonsense voice asks me, "Who will I send?" Okay, that sounds a bit theological, but she did ask. What she meant was who among my "kids" can I send to training camp - managerial training camp, that is. And I, with no fear, said "RB".

And that settles it for the meantime. What keeps me on my toes right now is the exact 'when' of the resignation. Not considering that I have tons and tons of things to do.

Oh well.



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