Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Better yet, wear a yellow shirt.

There's an ongoing campaign rut between the No's and the Yes's here in the Office ever since the ruling setting October 20 as the date of the certification election.

Everyone's gaga over receiving these yellow sheets outlining the disadvantages of having a union in the company. And they're all in vernacular. Good thing almost everyone can interpret it to me. Hehehe...

And just in, the white ordinary paper campaign started by the union itself. They're campaining for the yes of course... If the yes wins, they're gonna get an estimated cash inflow from us of about 1.8 mil for the entire period of 5 years (if i remember the leaflet details right...if not, then it's not 1.8 M...) Big enough for the leader not to work at all... Good for him. Not so good for the union members. 'Coz that would mean mandatory deductions (which everybody seems to despise!) for things that they really don't need or do not understand at all. (Sounds familiar, huh? Government?!)

Anyway, I'll be leaving town tomorrow evening. Off to somewhere to document endorsements and turnovers. Crazy little fad going on - almost everybody's resigning! Grrr. More work for us - good! That means, we're gonna get more chances to prove ourselves capable. As if we really need that or even like it. Darn.


  1. Oh hey, your friendly grumpy skeptic, don't mind at all by taking the profile pic from my blog it rocks, (it ain't mine anyways shhhh) anyways good blog, we recently voted down a blog in our company due to shady spending and crap like that

  2. be the boss less than 10 years from now.

    -tenco of alasais

  3. hmmm.. I AM -A- boss right now...thanks anyway.


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