Defensiveness, Emails, and Office Fuzz

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The office has been in a fuss since yesterday because of an audit report that we actually haven't released yet. Funny thing was, they thought that once an issue reaches our department, it can turn hell lose. Crazy, huh?

Fortunately enough, all our laptops are working quite nicely, albeit the occasional slowing down of the networking thing, all in all we can quite follow every email and communication being exchanged among and between the parties involved - considering that we get copies of the said communications (we actually don't hack into their emails - we rely on the copies furnished by the senders. hehe!)

The funny thing was this: one of the managers that we talked to - just to answer the question why she forgot to send copies of the report to another manager - went berserk and started getting all defensive on the issue. She even tried explaining to all possible people who might have a say about the issue at hand, saying she'll just try to put out the fire while it hasn't even started yet. And, she even said it was another manager's fault for not following it all up. Darn. Everybody's getting older and older and more prone to getting, well, cuckoo.



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