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Jobless and hopeless? Have no fear, it's here!

About two years ago, I was also as jobless as jobless can be - away from home and penniless. Yes, dear reader - penniless. I was so poor I couldn't even afford to buy medicine for the fever I caught due to excessive worrying.

But lo and behold! The internet came to my rescue. Internet, websites and email. I started searching the big WWW like a crazy lunatic - exaggerated a bit there - submitting my CVs to job search engines and job seeker pools and emailing former classmates like there's no tomorrow. After more than a week of this insane behavior and several interviews past, I got a whiff of fresh air and was hired by a local hotel chain to be part of their internal audit group. And now, I supervise the said group as their "head".

Of course, as other companies, I wouldn't be able to sit on this chair without it being vacant, right? And because I transferred my butt to this chair, I needed more heads to compensate for the extra space!

At first I was not told to participate in the hiring process like in the interview part, but later we all realized (except for the HR) that we needed to improve our hiring process just like this where I already signed up.
Job Match GRAPH
  1. Job alerts by automatically informing you of jobs that match your profile so you don't run after the employers, they run after you!
  2. You can build your career network by connecting with old classmates and former colleagues (even your current boss!) who are also registered. Effortless social networking and referencing, right?
  3. See how you do alongside you competitor job seekers through the Job Matching Graph.
  4. On the go connectivity, job alerts and application developments via twitter at their account: @imumodotcom.
  5. Rest assured that you stay near your family and loved ones 'coz this site is for job seekers in the Philippines!
And if you're the one giving out jobs, they have EMPLOYER ADVANTAGES of too!Scoring Candidates!
  1. No need to manually pore over tens and hundreds of applications only to find one match.
  2. Filter "qualified" applicants through the following criteria: education, skills, work experience, and preferences.
  3. Support skill requirements and "smartness" factors needed with the capability to create assessments and test for candidates to answer even before the personal interview.
  4. Score each candidate according to our (employer's) criteria and qualifications.
  5. Inform candidates of their interview schedules via SMS using the website.
  6. Manage scheduled job interviews and tests with the Recruitment Calendar (perfect for absent-minded secretaries).
So what are you waiting for? Increase your chances of being hired, log on to now!

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