Idle Hands are the... hands of someone else. lol!

Ok, kidding aside, I have also been a bit busy - with the wedding, with work, with the house and the people that live in it, and don't forget our grass too.

But all has not been purely work. I also spend an okay amount of time entertaining my strained eyes and tired brain - by wearing out even more via of course, FB. *to all the non-geeks, FB is facebook.*

Going on.

I just remembered that I have to check with my wedding list in my other blog. Need to update it so I can review it sometime later. Aside from leisure and wedding preps, I'm also quite preoccupied looking at numbers from the different departments here in out company trying to figure our an efficient way to analyze manning levels. Someone said it's called a time-motion study, but I doubt that term is useful right now.

BTW, got to go. it's almost 5PM and I still have two files to look at. *sigh*

On a side note:
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