Break from the Flow: Jacque Bermejo

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Amidst the calamities, still one soul succeeded in breaking the barrier of grief and adrenaline. And the thing is, that soul does not even belong to the name it used. Or so they say.

News, hate mail, hate FB pages, support pages, blog posts, tweets, plurks and everything else you can possibly imagine has sprung amidst the chest-high flood waters brought about by typhoon Ondoy.

I can only feel sorry for the real girl. Some of us would really like to hear her side of the story straight from the horse's mouth, but how can she really air her side without being judged as soon as her shadow is seen? Rumors say that she now has not come out her room for the past 2 to 3 days and has been manifesting suicidal tendencies - to which many of us would say "Go ahead, kill yourself. You certainly deserve it."

But let us pause for a while and think - I believe we all are capable of thinking, aren't we?

If we continued to fabricate hate pages that I think a lot of people are now supporting, are we helping any one of those hundreds and hundreds of Ondoy victims?

If we continue to post things saying that she and her whole family should die, are we any different from this Jacque Bermejo person?

If we continue to revile her, accuse her of stupidity, insensitivity, bitchiness, and any other negative word in the English language, does it erase the fact that she has done or said something that has hurt us directly or indirectly? Does it help the victims to know that we have thrown back negativity towards this Jacque person? Whether or not she herself did or posted that insanely annoying status message in a bisaya-sounding FB account, i.e. starfishbuang? Does it alleviate the pain of being a victim of Ondoy?

{for every body's information, the word "buang" is visayan for crazy, or insane, or abnormal for that matter; I also believe that the grammatical error this person has committed maybe innate to his/her possible identity}

*update: the fake multiply accounts have already been taken down from multiply as of this post. the fb accounts also are nowhere to be found.

Can these posts and pages raise monetary support that we can and will be willing to give fully to the Ondoy victims? And given that she did say that, what if there is the tiniest grain of truth to it? And what if it doesn't bring any trace of truth? What is it to you, anyway? Except for gossip and temporary world wide web presence?

Can all of us prove, that in one way or another, we have never said anything or posted anything against somebody - anybody - that may sound something like the one she posted? This FB page even proves that we can be like her in so many ways:

Does this mean, it's okay to post things like this, just because someone started it?

Think about it. Then decide.

UPDATED! There's an "official" statement a from the real Jacque Bermejo. Go to this link to read. {I personally cannot say this is officially from the Ms Bermejo.}

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