So un- "Uncathy"!

"Uncathy" is a word coined by an old friend, if not a very close one (ehem) - from high school, King, meant to denote "the state of being sugar and spice and everything nice...." I would have suggested he used "powerpuffy-ish", but no. As crooked as I can be at times, I'd prefer the "uncathy" term even if it's a negation of my own name. From all that I can dig up from my facebook statuses and pic comments, the second time (I couldn't find the first one, I'm sure there was another incident before this but I couldn't trace it anymore) King used that when he posted a comment to my status "Busy. Renovating."

He said he doesn't want a copyright, but to contribute to popular culture. harhar.

Anyway, here's a un-uncathy moment. Blessed are those who can understand bisaya. lol!

*click on image to enlarge*

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  1. nax, quotable king. di pala friend ha. mahanap nga si princess leia!


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