Have Fun this Christmas!

37 more days to go, and it's Christmas. I really don't want to think that I will be breaking a Christmas family tradition by not going home to my parents' house, but Tom and I really have to think about it sooner or later. Hmm, and this includes the finances... eeek!

This going home thing has been a yearly tradition particularly since I went off to other places to study, like Davao City for high school and Cebu City for college - so Christmas was something to look forward to.

For example, I'm always tasked to buy those round fruits - 13 of them if possible - but most of the time I just manage to bring 3 or 4 kinds, but mom doesn't seem to give too much attention to which ones. Personally I prefer bringing grapes since I can get one or two pieces every now and then. hehe.

Aside from the fruits and shirts and whatnots that I bring home, I also look forward to what activities are in store for everyone. Usually the cousins and myself go to Tita Ruby's house and take turns playing games or PSP. Sometimes I just prefer to be the nuisance since I'm the eldest. I love annoying other cousins 'til they cry. So bad, right?

Anyway, there were also times when the whole family stayed up late just talking in groups around one big dinner table, sometimes they take out the videoke thing and all those gifted with non-irking voices sing their hearts out, sometimes we play parlor games, like last Christmas when they even did Maria Went to Town. There were also times when group games like charades, scrabble, chikicha, tong-its and bingo were lined up. But this time... Hmm... Since there's a possibility that I won't be there physically... How about online games?
Online poker or online bingo? Anyone?  :)

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