Never Gonna Be Alone

If ever.... I was forced to redo my whole wedding... (I used the word forced, because by choice, I wouldn't redo anything!)... I'd make sure that it was nicer for my family, and Tom's too. I wouldn't let anything, I mean not a single thing, get between myself and my family enjoying and imprinting this memory on our curly brains. Why would I say that?

Because... there were just too many nuisances during my wedding day! One thing is that mom and dad were just not acting normal. Mom was too silent, too zombie-ish. Dad was like, "Is Gov ok? Is Cong ok?".. Grrrhh. {Sorry, but it did get into my nerve later that day...You know what happened.} And as I see it, making himself too busy to notice the feeling of losing her daughter to his now son-in-law. Hmmm. It was also not so memorable for Tom's parents, except for the fact that they were too busy directing car pool and directing the crazy waiters where to bring the food. yes, the waiters were almost useless majority of the time.

But then again... Everything was really very good. I think all of those were already planned and there reallyw as nothing we could've done to prevent them.

Anyway, if we were even allowed to do a wedding dance, I would have chosen Butterfly Kisses for my Dad and I... or maybe this:

or this:

Nickelback's Never Gonna be Alone...  If it can be slow-danced to, you know. Harhar.

Bear with me.
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