First Online MALL in Cebu City - BILIVERY.COM

I stand, mean post, corrected by the proponents themselves. is not just an online grocery store, it's gonna be a whole MALL. And by the word "mall" they really mean MALL - with music stores, hardware stuff, clothes, gadgets, appliances, pharmacy, bookstore, etc, etc, etc.! Got it?


Wondering what's a unique gift to give this Christmas? {Everyone's problem!}
How about, a unique way to give a common gift? Sounds better?

First in Cebu City, a fully online grocery store that will deliver your purchased items right into your doorstep! (Or the doorstep of your family, friends, loved ones, or complete strangers for the Christmas spirit.) first and foremost caters to the busy working moms who would conveniently and readily choose to have their groceries delivered than fight with the grueling traffic of day-to-day commute, especially at times when almost all of the working population is on the road.

Using is so easy - with a site that's very user friendly:

Register for an account to start using the services of, click on the LOGIN link at the upper right hand part of the window/site and this will appear: (click on images to enlarge)

Click on the create an account to start you registration, you will be directed to this window for your details:

After confirming your account, you can start picking out your items. It's good to note that has tabs for grocery item categories like Grains, Fruits & Vegetables, Spices, and even an Available Soon category to help inform us of upcoming items that will soon be sold in the online grocery store.

As you can see on the following image, I have marked (actually, I have made this picture a bit messy, sorry Badz! haha!) just to make it "easier" for you to identify important parts of the site that you will surely be looking for:

There's an Admin or User panel where you can see the links you would really want to click time and time again, just click on the image above to enlarge it. also boasts of an online agent that will guide you through your online grocery experience, who is available almost all the time - with a valid landline number you can contact anytime between 9AM to 6PM Philippine time for help with registration, your payments, and whatnots. Also, for a more formal guide in starting up with, you can go straight from this article to their Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page. Or if you're already on the site while reading this, like on a separate tab or something, you can access the FAQ page by clicking on that delivery guy on your right.

Plus, you can be updated with their services, changes with prices, new items, new categories, promos and other perks by signing up for a Newsletter, that's the box at the left side.

And before we end this crazy post, let me help you decide by giving you some of the advantages of using's online grocery system - and FYI, this is not a paid post and most likely, majority of these are all my own:

  1. If you're busy, this is convenient.
  2. If you're an OFW or an OCW and you want to ensure that your family is complete with their basic needs and that no other relative or whoever is meddling with your kids' food supply, is perfect as you can order the items, pay for it via credit card or Paypal and have it delivered straight to your doorstep for a fixed charge of Php140 only. (So far, regardless of the distance from the headquarters to your door, the delivery charge is set at Php140. Please note that as of this post,'s delivery only applies to areas within Metro Cebu, and delivery within the day for  Banilad, Mandaue, MEZ I & II, within Cebu Business Park & IT Park. For other details, go back to their FAQ.)
  3. If your company is strict and you can't go out of the premises anytime then your kids call you saying, Mom/Dad, we have no milk and cookies and lola's snoring so loud the walls are vibrating! - Ok, that's a bit exaggerated, but heck, that would do it, right?
  4. Your place is too far from civilized traffic, you have to commute and the taxi fare is just about equal to Php140, then better use, hence, only the delivery guys will endure the traffic. ;)
  5. You're a good guy/gal and you always want to help other business people, then go help us by using!
  6. You're a skeptic, and just want to try this new service out.
  7. You're stoic. But you just kept on reading this write-up, why not go farther and try it out?
  8. You're also a businessman and you want a supplier, you can contact the guys from and strike up a contract!
  9. I ran out of ideas. Just try it out!
Want to give one sack of rice for Christmas? or want to give a sachet of black pepper as a little prank for your colleague? just might be your answer.

I just hope won't mind the similarity in color scheme:


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