Friendster Revamped - Facebook Clone?

Have you visited your Friendster account lately?

Friendster now has a new homepage! It basically looks more funky with all the graphics and stuff, and GREEN-er... It also changed it's logo into something more creative and new, still with the smiley though; and the favicon? New too! Correct. It's green.

New features have also been added, like a virtual wallet, where you get virtual money to use in its virtual giftshop. They now also have a lot of games - even farming ones like farmtown and farmville - and in interactive shoutout stream, which looks more and more like the Facebook wall! New and improved photo uploading and viewing, and of course, a faster and better way to share your photos.

Sound like a clone yet? For your curiosity's sake, if you haven't logged into your account, here's how it looks like when you click on the HOME tab.

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